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It can be uncomfortable to think about your will. Not only does it force you to think about your own death, but it requires you to determine a plan for life after your death. However, your will helps to define what you wish to happen to your property and family after your death. It is important to have a will to make the process as easy for your loved ones as possible and to avoid disputes and significant court proceedings.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the court process that your property goes through after your death. This is the process that the court uses to determine who will receive your property. It is also where a court decides what will happen with your children. Most likely, the probate judge will be unfamiliar with you and your family. Without a will in place the court will be forced to follow state probate laws in deciding how to determine where your property should go and who should have guardianship of your children. This may or may not settle your affairs in the manner that you desire.

Why Write A Will?

In reality, everyone already has a “will” in place: it’s called state law. So, if the probate process can already handle the distribution of your property and management of your estate, why should you write a will? There are many reasons to write a will. A will ensures that everyone (especially the court) is on the same page regarding where you wish for your property to go and who you want to raise your minor children. If you have children, a will allows you to designate a guardian for your kids, although a child protection plan provides a much greater level of protection and peace of mind. In addition, probate laws may not include everyone that you would like to include in your will, like stepchildren or friends. You can and should revise your will when major life events take place, like the birth of a child or a divorce.

Let's Plan For The Future

Writing a will is a vital step to plan for the future of your property and your family. It can go a long way toward helping to minimize the strain on your loved ones after your death. To learn more about our will-related services, contact us at JDB Law today!

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