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Protecting Your Children In The Event Of An Untimely Death

Child protection planning is an incredibly important aspect for the parents of minor children. A last will and testament simply isn’t enough to adequately protect your children in the event of your untimely death. There are many things that can happen when you don’t have an effective child protection plan in place, but thorough planning will allow you to rest easy that your children will be cared for in the manner you choose should the unthinkable occur.

What Is A Child Protection Plan?

A child protection plan is a set of instructions and legal documents that clearly spell out who you want to take care of your children temporarily and permanently should you be unable to.  It also includes an ID card for your wallet that lets the authorities know of your plan and wishes. It is important to keep the ID card on you, because it will prevent Child Protective Services (CPS) from taking custody of your children. 

When you don’t have a child protection plan in place, the police will have no choice but to call in CPS when they arrive at your house and find the children alone or with a babysitter. From here, the appointed guardian for your children will likely be determined by a judge, who is unfamiliar with your family and loved ones, and who will not know your wishes and desires.

Our Child Protection Planning

We offer child protection planning services to ensure that you are able to effectively plan for your children’s futures. Our experts can provide excellent counsel regarding how to choose the best guardian for your child. Implementing the appropriate planning is necessary to protect your children and ensure that they are raised by the person you choose.

Considering The Future Of Your Family And Estate

Though you may have considered other aspects of the future of your estate and family, you might have overlooked child protection planning, or assumed that a will was enough to protect your child. Thorough planning will prevent you from worrying about the future of your children in the event of an accident. To learn more about our child protection planning services, contact us at JBD Law today.

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